My Stocktake are an independent stocktaking company with an ultimate goal to provide control solutions and increase profits for our clients. To us, stocktaking is not just about counting bottles but looking deeper into the business to help reduce risk and so improve your bottom line.

We will deliver accurate, honest and thought provoking reporting that is easy to follow, rewarding and without compromise for our clients.

Think of your Stocktake as a regular health-check of your business. It can reveal shortages in stock, level of wastage and even thefts, and so provide an opportunity to take action and minimise loss.


Specialists in Golf Courses, Leisure Venues, Pubs and Hotels and experts in helping you save money


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4 Steps to Success

We Count

We begin with a physical count of all food and beverage stock carried out using the latest mobile devices and software.

In addition, we always use industry recommended keg measuring equipment and dip stick for cask ales

We Prepare

We then enter all the food and beverage invoices, recording specific information to enable us to improve your business.

All cost prices are checked to ensure the report is accurate, plus, any discounts awarded to you are correct. Any allowances eg pipe cleaning and wastage are calculated and analysed.

We Analyse

Every aspect of the report is then checked and re- checked to ensure accuracy.

A bar till reconciliation report is prepared to compare sales against the stock count.

Only after we are confident of all the information gathered will we move onto the next stage.

We Discuss

We will now sit with the manager or appointed member of staff to discuss our findings and the result. Plain speaking explanations of the report to discuss any discrepancies plus, consider opportunities to improve the GP and performance. The finalised report, despite containing numerous pages will include graphical illustrations of key performance indicators.

Increased Gross Profit

Coaching for stock control

Greater flexibility for your busines

Our easy to follow and understand reports include:

  • GP levels, variances, and advice on how to improve them
  • Actual stock count figures against till counts to identify any variances
  • Projection analysis to enable you to plan ahead
  • Analysis of waste levels, staff drinks, ullage
  • Examination of deliveries and invoices to confirm you had the correct delivery and paid the correct amount including any discounts
  • Reports available same day

Experience has shown us that it is more beneficial to keep a close eye of these numbers on a regular basis, not leave it until year end accounts when it could be too late and profit lost.

With prices starting from just £95, it is money very well spent.

Is your current stocktaker contributing anything to your business growth?

Want more efficient stocktaking?

My Stocktake is a stocktaking partner who will work with you to help grow your business and drive to increase your gross profits.