About My Stocktake

My Stocktake acts on behalf of numerous Golf Clubs, Leisure Venues, Pubs and Hotels.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in understanding the expectation of these venues and the importance of keeping a close eye on stock control to ensure maximum profitability.

We work closely with each Finance Director, F & B Manager, Head Chef, Bar Manager and Staff to ensure key information is provided in a clear and convenient format so decisions can be made to improve overall performance.

In the case of multiple bar/group operations we are experienced in preparing accurate reports plus an overall group analysis report to provide a complete management record.

Whilst we currently assist a number of venues we want to help you improve the performance of your business.


Each of clients receive regular monthly reports which include a summary page similar to this one to provide an overview of how things are going and highlight key performance indicators. This is just one of the aspects that make us invaluable to our clients with challenging business environments.

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My Stocktake is a stocktaking partner who will work with you to help grow your business and drive to increase your gross profits.